Blooming Idea

I came across this today on Papermoss‘ (they did my wedding invites) blog, and I had to share. I love flowers, but I have to admit, I’m pretty clueless when it comes to naming them (I’m pretty sure I had to sketch some of the flowers I wanted for my florist because I had no idea what they were called). Whether you’re buying a bouquet for someone you love or planning for your big day, or any other big event this is a great starting off point. Enjoy, and happy friday!! xx

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3 Responses to Blooming Idea

  1. Paula says:

    Beautiful and very helpful! Thank you!

  2. Anita says:

    Will definitely pass this on to my daughter who is planning her wedding. Thanks!

    • Sabrina Strelitz says:

      hope it helps! Enjoy every part of it, even when its stressful you’ll miss that when its all over!

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